Civil Rights

Establishing Success Together

Constitutional Rights

Your constitutional rights come from both the United States Constitution and the Colorado State Constitution. If the government infringes upon these rights, VanLandingham Law will assist you in vindicating them. VanLandingham Law fights the following types of constitutional violations:

– Freedom of Speech
– Freedom of Religion
– Privacy Rights
– Prisoner Abuse
– Illegal Searches and Seizures
– False Imprisonment
– Police Misconduct
– Discrimination

Police Misconduct

When the police violate your constitutionally protected rights, we will help you police the police. These cases take many forms including:

– False Imprisonment
– Use of Excessive Force
– Police Brutality
– Illegal Search and Seizure
– Due Process Violations
– T.A.S.E.R Abuse

If you believe the police have violated your rights, contact us today to discuss potential actions.

Employment Discrimination

As an employee, you are protected by federal and state laws from certain actions of by your employer. If you believe that you have been wrongfully terminated or discriminated against at work, contact us to discuss your case. We handle the following types of cases:

– Sexual Harassment
– Hostile Work Environment Claims
– Age Discrimination
– Disability Discrimination
– Race Discrimination
– Gender Discrimination